Sheiva’s Birthday

Another Dash Dolls birthday…we call the girls that work at and run Dash and Smooch the Dash Dolls by the way! Sheiva‘s favorite restaurant is Benihana, so we always go there to celebrate her special day!  The other Dash Dolls were there too…Lily, Roya and Sydney, and Malika, Khadijah, Khloe and myself.  All girls, plus Sheiva‘s boyfriend Todd.  Our table talk was hilarious girl talk, you would have thought we forgot Todd was there!  We laughed so hard at this dinner we were all in tears!  I would share our conversation with you, but it is too crazy to even say! Don’t you LOVE fun girl talk that only you and your closest girls understand!?

We all went for bowling after, but ended up sitting and talking instead of bowling because our convo was THAT good!