Next stop… Nasty Nati!

Next stop on our “tour” was Cincinnati!  We loved this place from the second we got off the plane in Kentucky!  You actually land in Kentucky, so we got to be in more places than we thought.  We posed with a joey outside of an Outback Steakhouse at the airport…lol just being silly!  Attached to our hotel was a Saks Fifth Avenue and a Victoria’s Secret…so we shopped of course.  It is always fun to shop in other cities and see how different the merchandise is from stores in Los Angeles.

While having chicken wings and beer in our hotel bar, we spotted a Hustler store across the street from our hotel.  We waltzed on over and checked out all of the sex stuff…haha!  There were some interesting people in there, not to mention some interesting stuff. My friend Frostee Rucker plays football for the Cincinnati Bengals, so of course he showed us around his city.  He’s the one who taught me about “Nasty Nati”.  He took us to a club called Blackfin Suite!  This is where we got a little crazy! After that, we opened up a bar that was closed!  Frostee knows the owners, so we were the only ones inside.  Now this is where things get extra fun…Courtney and I went to White Castle for the first time ever!  We absolutely loved it…ate two cheeseburgers each while sitting in bed talking!

Cincinnati we love you, we will be back…football20season maybe?