Late Birthday Dinner

Because I was in Mexico for my birthday, I didn’t get to celebrate with all of my friends.  My dear friend Jonathan treated me to a delicious dinner at Il Sole, one of our favorite restaurants in LA.  Khloe and Kelly Osbourne joined us!  We literally did not stop laughing the entire dinner. Don’t you love those dinners…when you just laugh so hard you almost cry?!   I’m wearing my fringe Christian Louboutin booties that I posted about earlier…I got them as a birthday gift from the girls at Dash and Smooch!  I am also wearing the American Apparel “leather” leggings, a white LNA v-neck t, pinstriped blazer, Marni feather necklaces (LOVE feathers for spring!), a Chanel purple metallic purse, and a beaded headband that I stole from Kim’s headband drawer….shhh!