I Adore: My Favorite Scents

Some of you have been asking about what perfume I wear.  I like to switch my perfume with the seasons.  In fall/winter I just seem to be in a different mood than in spring/summer.  In fall/winter I LOVE Michael by Michael Kors.  This is my mom’s signature scent, and Kim and I became addicted to it.  I love it because it is so distinct and reminds me of my mom.  In spring/summer I love wearing Jivago 24K.  It has actual gold flecks floating in the bottle and smells divine.  It is very hard to find…I found mine in St. Thomas on vacation over a year ago and bought some for Kim also. Quelques Fleurs perfume smells very similar to Jivago, in case you can’t find it, which is just as divine.  In the daytime, I love wearing an oil called Miss Marissa by Ebba.  People literally stop me and ask what i’m wearing.  Such a good day one, and it’s so small, I throw it in my makeup bag in my purse.

Do you guys switch with the season too, or am I crazy?