Sea of Shoes

When it comes to fashion, shoes are definitely my favorite thing to buy! I stumbled upon Sea of Shoes randomly when looking for a certain pair of Givenchy shoes online. I was instantly obsessed with Jane!  Her passion for fashion reminds me of mine in high school when I used to sew clothes for my friends.  Her sense of style blows me away and she is only 17 years old!!  I truly admire her confidence and fashion risks she takes.  She is doing something right because her risks all work.  Even the way she decorates her “sets” when taking pictures is amazing…what a talented girl!  It will be fun to watch her fashion journey and see what she does with her talent…hmmm a clothing line we can sell at Dash?

I’m actually going to visit Jane’s vintage store in Dallas later this week so I hope I get to meet her and have a chat. I’ll post updates soon!