Mi Fiesta Mexicana!

I turned 30 on Saturday, April 18th! Last year we went to my friend Joe Francis’ house in Mexico for my birthday, and it has become a tradition. I brought 20 of my closest friends and family and we had the time of our lives! It’s always fun traveling together…so here are some pics from the plane ride over…love the one of Kim sleeping with her sunglasses on! You know I had to take a secret shot of that! I almost got Khloe too, but she was rubbing her eyes waking up in this one.

On my actual birthday we met in the main room of the house for a cocktail, and suddenly a mariachi band walked in the room with white and pink balloons floating everywhere! There were 13 mariachis dresses in white with pink trim! They performed for an hour! Khloe and I danced all around them…then we had a divine Mexican dinner, dessert and drinks! All followed by pinatas and just us playing around the house!

You may notice some familiar faces from Kim and Khloe’s blogs…the family of course, our cousin Cici, the twins Malika and Khadijah, Bobby, two of my best friends from college Courtney and Alison, my engaged friends from college Lexie and Michael, Brittny, JJ…on and on!

It was the best birthday of my life! I noticed that I was having too much fun to be taking pictures, so my pics kinda suck :) so I’ve asked my friends to share theirs with me…so more to come soon!