Cover Girl, Behind the Scenes

You have probably seen the episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians with all of the drama surrounding my first ever cover shoot (for March issue of 944 Magazine), but I thought you guys would love to see the behind the scenes pics! Yes, there was drama involved in the shoot, but I must say, it was a fabulous and fun shoot! We shot for over 12 hours!! It was so amazing to dress up in all the clothes, many vintage designer, which I love! I also wore a blonde wig and a short dark wig, and I swear I looked exactly like my mom in that one…it kinda tripped us all out!

Troy Jensen shot it, who also shot Khloe’s PETA campaign and has shot both of Kim’s calendars! He is a genius…and always makes me feel so comfortable…he was a perfect match for my first shoot.

Enjoy going behind the scenes!